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Welcome to Camarillo Pilates

Here at Camarillo Pilates, LLC we believe that mindful movement and a healthy outlook can change the way we live. But what is mindful movement? The concept starts with the idea that the body and mind are connected. Mindful movement promotes body awareness through very focused and precise exercises.
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"Big shout out to Camarillo Pilates! I have been a member at a number of fitness studios in LA and Ventura counties and I love the classes and the energy. Best equipment and the best programs (and advice) I have come across."

"Cori specializes and is certified in prenatal and postnatal pilates. She instructed me in both. Cori helped me through the last 6-7 months of a challenging first pregnancy to stay fit and active. Because of her expertise I was prepaired for the two day unmedicated labor that followed. She also worked to strengthen my body afterwards. With Cori’s help, I lost all the baby weight, 60lbs, in five months. She is professional, very knowledgable, kind, and encouraging."

"I wanted to thank Cori for all of her preparation in the prenatal classes. My twins were born after just a couple weeks bed rest. All of us are happy and healthy and my recovery from c-section was very fast thanks to all the preparation!"

"Love, love, love the classes. Pilates mat work and machine should be a requirement for everyone. I’ve never felt so good!"

"Camarillo Pilates is THE best Pilates studio by far. All of the instructors, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for Pilates!"

"I am so glad I was able to take Prenatal Pilates with Cori! She is a warm and welcoming instructor that really has an interest and passion for working with pregnant women. Cori is very knowledgeable in exercise modifications for pregnancy. I always felt comfortable during class because I knew I was in the hands of a professional. I know that my participation in Pilates not only helped me stay in shape, it helped to keep me mentally centered during pregnancy and labor. It was also a great way to bond with other soon to be moms!"

"I started Pilates in my 70s. It is never too late to strengthen to firm to care for your body and find joy in doing so."

"I have been attending classes at Camarillo Pilates since it began. The staff are extremely well trained and able to personalize a program for each client. As an older woman, I have found it greatly beneficial to maintaining posture, flexibility, and movement. The studio also has a welcoming environment."

"In my experience with Camarillo Pilates Studio, the instructors have been fantastic, the equipment is up to date and always clean, and the environment is quaint, yet invigorating. I always leave their feeling refreshed and energetic. I am most impressed with the knowledge of the instructors. They are not your every day personal trainers. Love it!"

"Camarillo Pilates has taken me from knowing nothing about Pilates to fully experiencing its benefits. I am 50-something and very active with equestrian sports. Pilates gives me a full body workout with emphasis on my core. Jane’s teaching style keeps me motivated."

"Cori is hands down the best pilates instructor I have ever met. She provides a great workout, changes the routine with her extensive repertoire of pilates exercises and creativity and offers valuable knowledge about pilates and the body. On top of all that she is so delightful to be around- even when your abs are screaming at you!"